((((  Virtually Indestructible Aluminum Mailbox  )))
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Personalize Your Alumabox 5000

Alumabox Color


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​Hammered Finish is slightly textured

Best built Aluminum Mailbox
​Heavy Built Tough hand made ( in the U.S.A )Aluminum Mailbox
This is quite possibly the last mailbox you will ever buy!!!
Proudly made in the U.S.A  
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Your Alumabox may have a slight hammered pebble finish to it.

Very durable !!      

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These are hand made by in our shop!!

Thick Heavy Duty 3/16" Aluminum - it's amazing

almost indestructible mailbox!  
The Inside of the Aluminum Mailbox is not Painted.  The flag is painted Red
The Alumabox 5000 is made to Lag Bolt to any 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Wood Post Or the Alumapost !
We all know nothing in the world is really totally indestructible but we think this is close !!!

Welcome to Alumabox.com 

Personalize Your Alumabox for Just $25.00 you can
personalize your Aluminum Mailbox with your Name and Address. Colors include White,Black,Red or Gold  vinyl. 

The Alumabox 5000 is machine rolled Laser cut 3/16 Heavy Gauge Aluminum.  It is made of Aluminum and Stainless Steel components.       The Amumabox 5000 is a totally RUST FREE mailbox.​

The Alumabox 5000 Measures - 22" Long  X 10.5" Wide X 13" H  --  25 LBS    3/16" 


Font Color
Name on top line on Mailbox
Name on bottom line on Mailbox


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 Colors are available upon request.
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